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  • Visa On Arrival
      • Visa Application Form (Required)

        • Two completely filled and signed visa application forms (photocopy allowed)

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      • Passport (Required)

        • The Applicant should have a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of application of visa

      • Passport Photocopy (Required)

        • Copies of passport pages with endorsements (stamps/visas etc)

      • Photograph (Required)

        • Two recent (not older than 6 months) passport size (45 mm x 35 mm) photographs with 70-80% face coverage

      • Covering Letter (Required)

        • Covering letter from the applicant stating his name, designation, passport number, purpose, duration of visit and bearing a return address.

      • Relationship Proof (Optional)

        • Marriage certificate (for persons seeking to visit on honeymoon).

      • Occupational Evidence (Optional)

        • If Employed an Employment letter must be enclosed.

    • Visa Fee: ₹ 0Processing Time: 10 working days

      • Barbados is an independent island country located in east Caribbean and is a part of the British Commonwealth. The nation is popular as a destination for scuba-diving, cruising and shopping, golfing etc.

        If you are an Indian national, you require a visa to enter the region. Since the country has no representation in India, visa can be obtained from the Barbados High Commission in London, UK or Washington, USA. For obtaining the visa from London, the personal presence of the traveler is required unless he is a well-traveled and frequent visitor or a commercially important person. 

        Hence we recommend you to go for the visa on arrival option if you are visiting the country for business or tourism related activities. Passengers in transit from airport to cruise terminal and vice versa do not required Visa. Regular passengers transiting at Barbados to another destination within 12 hours are treated as direct transit passengers and will be accommodated in the arrival terminal until he/she is escorted to the departure lounge for his/her onward flight.

        Visa on Arrival can be obtained on reaching the Grantley Airport with prior written confirmation. For this, you must send advance information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade, Grantley Adams International Airport or Barbados Immigration Department. The details are in the form of documents as enlisted in our checklist.

        The concerned office will convey this to the Grantley Airport so that the passport is endorsed on arrival. The validity and fee for the visa varies, but it can be processed the same day if the application is submitted in the morning.

        The approximate timeline for the above process is approximately 10 working days.

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      • What is the application fees for Barbados visa?

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