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  • Visa Required
      • Visa Application Form (Required)

        • One visa application form completely filled and signed by applicant.

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      • Passport (Required)

        • Valid and recognized travel document (passport) with a validity period of at least 3 months longer than the intended stay in the Republic of Macedonia.

      • Passport Photocopy (Required)

        • Photocopy of the passport (bio-data pages).

      • Photograph (Required)

        • Two color photographs on a white background which genuinely presents the applicant’s appearance (45 mm x 35 mm).

      • Travel Insurance (Required)

        • Documents for (individual or group) travel insurance (policy issued by an insurance company in the country of residence).

      • Invitation Letter (Required)

        • Documents providing for the goal and circumstances of the intended stay in the Republic of Macedonia (the letter of guarantee from a natural person, i.e. the invitation from a legal entity must be verified by a notary public, the letter should be in Macedonian language).

      • Financial Records (Required)

          • Documents proving that the applicant possesses sufficient means of subsistence for the period of stay in the Republic of Macedonia and for the return to the country of arrival or for travel to a third country, or documents proving that the applicant is able to obtain such means in a legal manner (possesses ready financial resources in a domestic or foreign convertible currency, possesses a valid means of non-cash payment (credit cards, traveler’s checks etc), possesses real property and other means).
          • Bank statement for last 3 months (business).
          • Income tax return for last 3 years (business).
      • Air Ticket (Required)

        • Confirmed return air ticket.

    • Visa Fee: € 60Processing Time: 14 working days

      • The Republic of Macedonia issues one category of short-term visa to Indians seeking entry into the territory:

        • Visitor Visa: If you are planning to enter Macedonia for tourism/recreation/ travel or for conferences/meetings, you need to secure a visitor visa prior to entering the country.

        Application Guide

        An Indian national possessing a valid multi entry Schengen visa type C (valid for the entire territory of the Schengen area) may enter and stay in the Republic of Macedonia up to 15 days without having to possess a visa. The Schengen visa needs to be valid at least 5 days longer than the stay in the country permitted on the grounds of holding a Schengen visa.

        For periods longer than this or if you do not possess a Schengen visa, you can apply for a Macedonian visa via the consulate section of the embassy or diplomatic missions located in India. 

        For this, you require to download the visa application form as provided on our website. Completely fill it with the relevant information and then sign it. Now, collect all the supporting documents as enlisted in our checklist and attach them to your application. Please make sure that your application is complete in all respects. Before visiting the visa center, pay your fees and get the receipt. You need to provide this with your application at the visa office.

        Now that you are done, visit the visa center during the working hours. Submit your complete application at the consulate section of the office. After verification, the visa will be endorsed on your passport. 

        The complete timeline for this entire process usually takes 14 working days, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and other Public Holidays.

    • Embassy of Macedonia

      A-15/30 Block A, Ground Floor
      New Delhi  110016

        +91 (11) 4614 2603

        +91 (11) 4614 2604

      Operating Hours

      • Are there any reservations while paying the visa application fee?

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